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Very Fine Panama Hat




A "very fine" is a Panama towards the higher end in quality. This fedora will be recognised by aficionados as a very good Panama, its quality of weave and thread count being very apparent.

Authentic hand woven Panama hats are from Ecuador and made from "Toquilla" straw using traditional weaving and hat making techniques. These fantastic hats are the epitome of style and also a hugely practical hat for the Australian sun. Ethically produced by artisans in Ecuador using traditional Panama hat weaving techniques we have these hats available in wide array of sizes.

It is not unusual for some panama hats to sell for over $2500.00 and levels of quality in panama hats is a heavily debated topic for panama aficionados around the world. The generally accepted method for discerning the quality of a hat is the thread count (the higher the count the better the hat as it is woven from thinner strands of Toquilla straw), also important however is the shape and finish of the hat. We maintain a focus on reasonably priced hats that are good quality, ethically produced and suitable for most clients. We don't deal in top end hats and don't sell hats produced by indentured weavers as we are against this practice.

We sell hats in four (4) different quality levels (standard, classic, fine and very fine - these gradings are our own and don't represent any form of comparison to gradings used by other hat sellers).

Being completely handmade all hats will vary slightly in areas such as finish, brim width and even colour tone, as the Toquilla straw used can vary slightly.

All our panamas come with an internal lining band sown in and our white and natural hats come with a traditional black hat band on the outside. Our brown hats come with a dark brown hat band.

Hat dimensions

Average brim width; 55-70mm

Average hat weight; 60 - 75 grams

Now for choosing your size, if you get it wrong we happily exchange hats that are returned in "as new condition" within 7 days after day of purchase.


Hat sizing

 Hat Size

                 US Hat Size

            UK Hat Size



                 6 äƒ_ – 7

            6 ¾ – 6 äƒ_



                 7 äƒ_ – 7 ¼

            7     – 7 äƒ_



                 7 äƒì – 7 ½

            7 ¼ – 7 äƒì


Extra Large

                 7 äƒ� – 7 ¾

            7 ½ – 7 äƒ�


If you are not sure of your hat size, we recommend you measure your head using a tape measure and then consult the chart, below. Use a tape measure and measure around the widest part of the head, slightly above the ears. If your measurement is between sizes, use the larger size.


21 ½ – 21 äƒ_

               55 – 56cms


22 ¼ – 22 äƒ�

               57 – 58cms


23     – 23 ½

               59 – 60cms

Extra Large

23 äƒ_ – 24 ¼

               61 – 62cms

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