Extra Large chair cotton light green & baby blue|Extra Large chair cotton light green & baby blue Enlarge
  • Extra Large chair cotton off white|Handwoven Mexican hammocks chairs with a basket which will open up for 7 feet long

Extra Large Hammock Chairs: Cotton Light green & Baby Blue


This is a hammock chair made with a luxurious thick thread giving it an extremely comfortable feeling. It is very easy to install and will provide years of enjoyment. You can easily hang it from trees, gazebos, on your balcony, porch, deck, take it camping or even hang it on your living room. You will have a fabulous place to relax, sip your margarita and achieve nothing.

Mexican hand woven hammock chairs are great for relaxing, very comfortable and will definitely make any space look great as they are available in vibrant multi-colours or softer two tone versions.

Hanging hammock chair in large size:

Length of timber bar: 1 m

Body Length: Approx 2.1 m

Suggested maximum load: 130 kg

Ideal for: 1 person

Material: cotton 

Colour: Like the main photo: Light green & Baby Blue

Visit our hammock hanging hooks section if you need some hanging accessories.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the shape of the chairs, this items can not be gift wrapped


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