Worry Dolls

by Hammock Heaven | February 10, 2011
Worry Dolls

There is a Mayan legend that states that when a person is worried and owing to those worries can’t sleep well, they should express their worries to a worry doll. The worry doll will worry on the persons behalf, this allowing them to have a good nights sleep.

All our worry dolls are hand made in Guatemala by Women’s co-operatives and small artisan groups. The money they earn from these handicrafts is very important to improving the quality of life they enjoy in their villages.

Hammock Heaven stock a huge range of worry dolls including; large worry dolls in a textile bag; large worry dolls in a traditional yellow wooden box; small worry dolls in either a textile bag or box; individual worry dolls; worry doll bookmarks; worry doll notebooks and much more. Apart from the notebooks and bookmarks all worry dolls come with a printed copy of the worry doll legend.

Worry dolls make great gifts for both children and adults who may be experiencing a tough time, stress or some sickness. Worry dolls make a very sweet and thoughtful gift for someone who is under pressure for exams or work, or also someone having a stay in hospital.

For any questions on our selection of Worry Dolls or anything else we sell at Hammock Heaven call us in the shop on 029938 5549 or email info@hammockheaven.com.au

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