Panama Hats

by Hammock Heaven | January 25, 2011
Panama Hats

There aren’t too many hats around that are more iconic or stylish than genuine Panama hats. Hammock Heaven is now stocking one of Australia’s largest ranges of genuine Panamas, hand woven in Ecuador. If you aren’t aware, all Panama hats are made in Ecuador (except for the truly shocking Chinese copies!)

Panama hats are made from Toquilla straw and hand woven in the same way they have been produced for hundreds of years. There are a few different theories on how they became known as “Panama hats” but the consensus seems to be due to them being supplied to and used by the workers on the Panama canal during construction.

Panama Hats are great accessories for lightweight summer suits, look fantastic if you are going to a tropical holiday destination and have been worn by many famous people throughout history. Panamas are fantastic for the Australian sun, so weather you are out in the garden, walking along a beach on holidays or just strolling around town, panama hats are never out of place.

Panama hat grading is a hot topic among Panama enthusiasts and something i will dedicate an entire blog post to shortly. Here at Hammock Heaven we sell 4 grades of Panama hat and as with most sellers, these gradings are our own and don’t compare with the gradings of other sellers.

For any questions on our selection of Panama hats, hat gradings or hat sizing call us in the shop on 029938 5549 or email

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