The importance of blogging to our business

by Hammock Heaven | April 2, 2011
The importance of blogging to our business

I haven't blogged for a while, in fact i don't think i have ever really blogged. What i have been engaging in is the shameless, however extremely necessary, activity of writing meaningless drivel (ok, sometimes it has a bit of practical value) full of keywords to drive up our search engine rankings. About now you are expecting me to write something like "well no more" and launch into my new true blogging style, full of political diatribe and witty social comment, afraid not. While i am going to endeavour to do some more interesting writing, i must continue with my keyword driven memos about all things to do with everything we sell and desperate attempts to include, at all literary cost, any word, no matter how irrelevant to the topic, that you may possible enter into a search bar when looking for something remotely like something i may sell.

I will be writing about hammocks and especially Mexican hammocks and double and king Mexican hammocks. I will be throwing in references to camping, especially now that Easter is almost upon us. Easter is a time where we traditionally head to the coast or a national park for one last fling at some outdoor summer activity before the cooler months set in (at least for those of us living in the temperate zones of his sunburnt country).

So if this Easter you are heading of to camp consider one of our camping hammocks or anything from our hammock range, why not a very groovy Mexican blanket to use for picnics or at the beach. Worried about the insect, we have hammock mosquito nets as well!

You can find all our products at or in our store located at 2/410 Pittwater rd. North Manly, ph 02 99385549.

Hasta pronto!


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